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Bands We Like: Vidulgi OoyoO’s Majestic Korean Shoegaze

(NEW YORK CITY USA) Seeing Korea’s Vidulgi OoyoO live is like witnessing some unexplainable and awe-inspiring cosmic event. You really hope someone else saw and heard what you saw and heard so that they can help you sort through the experience.

The quartet, whose name means “pigeon milk,” blend the best qualities of all your favorite shoegaze bands into one majestic whole. They have the sublime prettiness of Asobi Seksu, and they can command the waves of noise of My Bloody Valentine. Their songs, like “See Myself Through Your Eyes,” can express the kind of aching sentimentality Puerto Rico/New York favorite Kordan specializes in, but many of their songs lean toward the epic Explosions in the Sky school, evoking uncharted wilderness and the vastness of the night sky.

The many facets of Vidulgi OoyoO’s sound blend seamlessly and conspire to overwhelm the senses in the live show. Their lovely guitar tone and lead singer/guitar player Jihye Ham’s ethereal vocals will lull you until you are completely defenseless. Then they hit you with a big wall of sound. This is what happened to us when we caught them on the Seoulsonic tour of North America with Galaxy Express and Idiotape.  Fortunately, it has happened to a lot of other people too, so we don’t feel like we’re crazy.

Following a brief lull, shoegaze sounds seem to be quietly on the rise worldwide. Next to our beloved Braids, Vidulgi OoyoO is without a doubt the new school’s finest representative. If you aren’t going to get the chance to catch their live show soon, the tender sparkling jam “See Myself Through Your Eyes,” of their debut album Aero, is a great introduction to their special take on lush and layered rock.

Vidulgi OoyoO '너의 눈으로 나를 본다 See Myself Through Your Eyes' by DFSB_Kollective