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Concert Review > Idiotape @ SXSW 2011: Korea’s Electro Rock Trio Blow It Out

(NEW YORK CITY USA) If there was any SXSW show to shake a leg at, it would have to be the disco house outfit, Idiotape, that is breathlessly blowing up South Korea’s live club circuit and earning more critical nods and frenzied fans by the day. And if any one word could sum up these three guys’ set at Easy Tiger, it would be “anticipation.”

Idiotape is made up of two synth masters — DJ’s Dguru and Zeze — and DR, their delightfully zestful drummer. DR is the backbone of Idiotape, and the band apparently wants you to know it. Their first number began with a lesson — via a recorded sound bite — of drumming basics: “There’s the bass drum, snare drum, and little drums called tom tom…now to teach you rock n’ roll beat…1,2,3,4…1,2,3,4.” And with that an onslaught of rich, funky electronic layers mixed with infectious, aggressive drum beats hits the audience and crazed dancing materializes almost as quickly. But as the groove comes to a fever pitch, darkness descends — darkness in the form of a technical malfunction and loss of electricity to the entire club. The dancing immediately comes to a halt and the waiting begins.

The drummer continues on with a steady basic beat in a last ditch effort to avoid completely losing momentum. DR has the crowd clapping eagerly along to his solo performance as the lights finally come back on. Cheers abound as the guys waste no time in launching head on into another song. People are bopping and sounds are flying, and suddenly it strikes again…out go the lights!

Thankfully the second episode ends decidedly quicker, and Idiotape takes a minute to dust off the dust-up with technology and grace us all with a set of frenetic songs featuring samples ranging from a little MJ – Billie Jean — to Blur – Song 2.

As I scuttled through the crowd to run to my next show there were copious grins and countless rave hands. One of those grins was mine. This show was the equivalent of a delayed thunderstorm after praying for rain repeatedly and only getting a few precious drops. Nothing brings satisfaction quite like anticipation.

Molly Wardlaw