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Hailed as the pioneers of Korea’s punk rock scene, Crying Nut is a fast and furious fivesome who have slamdanced 15 minutes into 15 years of fame. Renowned for their rambunctious live shows, the raucous group have kicked and screamed their way out of Seoul’s underground mosh pits and onto the main stages of Asia’s top music festivals. Ever since their bold 1998 debut <말 달리자 Speed Up Losers> sold a smashing 100,000+ copies, Crying Nut have unabashedly party crashed the K-Pop charts with 6 critically acclaimed albums that not only bagged them a bevy of industry awards and nominations but also bestowed upon them the distinction of being the best-selling Korean indie band of all-time.

박윤식 PARK YoonSik (Vocal/Guitar)

이상면 LEE SangMyun (Guitar)
한경록 HAHN KyungRock (Vocal/Bass)
이상혁 LEE SangHyuk (Drum)
이인수 LEE InSoo (Accordion/Keyboard)


2010 국내 2000년대 베스트 앨범 Top 100 Korean Albums of the Decade (#54 ‘하수연가 Poor Hand Love Song’)

2007 한국대중음악상 Korean Music Awards (Musician of the Year - Nominee)
2007 한국대중음악상 Korean Music Awards (Best Rock Album of the Year - Nominee)
2007 한국대중음악상 Korean Music Awards (Best Rock Song of the Year - Nominee)
2001 MNET Music Video Festival (Indie Artist of the Year)
2000 MTV Asia Music Awards (Korean Artist of the Year -- Nominee)
2000 MNET Music Video Festival (Indie Music Video of the Year)
1999 KMTV Korean Music Awards (Indie Artist of the Year)
1999 MNET Music Video Festival (Indie Music Video of the Year)
1998 MNET Music Video Festival (Indie Music Video of the Year)  


2011 Music Matters Live (Singapore)

2010 Okinawa International Asia Music Festival MUSIX 2010 (Japan)
2010 Grand Mint Festival (Korea)
2010 Pentaport Rock Festival (Korea)
2010 Pusan International Rock Festival (Korea)

2009 Fuji Rock Festival (Japan)
2009 Jisan Valley Rock Festival (Korea)
2008 Grand Mint Festival (Korea)
2008 Pentaport Rock Festival (Korea)
2008 Singapore Mosaic Music Festival (Singapore)
2007 Pentaport Rock Festival (Korea)
2007 Pusan International Rock Festival (Korea)
2005 Pusan International Rock Festival (Korea)
2005 Trästock Festival (Sweden)
2001 Pusan International Rock Festival (Korea)

2000 Fuji Rock Festival (Japan)
2000 Pusan International Rock Festival (Korea)

2011 Kyoto Blood War with Sonji (Japan)
2010 Tokyo & Seoul Sound Bridge – Shibuya (Japan)
2010 Asian Rock Bus Tour in Japan Tokyo, Osaka (Japan)
2008 Macau Culture Festival (China)
2008 Asian Rock Bus Tour in Japan Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka (Japan)
2008 Chicago Concert (USA)
2006 Germany World Cup Welcoming Ceremony (Germany)
2006 London Korean Festival (UK)
2006 Seattle Korean Festival (USA)

2009 불편한 파티 Uncomfortable Party
2007 안녕 고래 Hello, Whale (Digital Single)
2007 좋지 아니한가 Isn’t That Good? (Digital Single)
2007 보드카 서울 드라이빙 Vodka Seoul Driving (Digital Single)

2006 OK 목장의 젖소 Milk Cattle at the OK Corral

2003 Crying Nut Best : Wild Wild Live (Live Album)
2002 고물라디오 Secondhand Radio
2001 하수연가 Poor Hand Love Song
1999 서커스 매직 유랑단 Circus Magic Clowns
1998 말달리자 Speed Up Losers

2002 꿈은이루어진다 Korean World Cup Official Album

2001 한일펑크락패스티발 Korea Japan Punk Rock Festival Album
1999 조선펑크 Chosun Punk
1997 Smells Like Nirvana (Nirvana Tribute Album)
1996 Our Nation Vol. 1 (Split Album with Yellow Kitchen)

2007 좋지 아니한가 Shim’s Family OST 

2007 Hello! Miss OST
2005 MBC 레인보우로망스 주제가 Rainbow Romance TV Sitcom OST
2002 후아유 Who Are You? OST
2001 신라의달밤 Kick The Moon OST
2000 하면된다 Just Do It OST  

2010 Crying Nut 15th Anniversary Concert (DVD)
2003 Crying Nut Live in Seoul (DVD)
2001 이소룡을 찾아랏! Looking For Bruce Lee



“While Korea had more than its share of homegrown rockers in the 1970s and 1980s, for more than a decade now teen dance-pop has dominated the airwaves and the CD racks. The idea of a real rock band that actually tours without lip-syncing, that writes its own songs and that doesn't have big '80s-rock hair, is practically unheard of or at least so marginal that it is barely worth mentioning. All that was before the neo-punk rockers Crying Nut came along...In a land where independent bands are lucky to sell a thousand copies of their CDs, Crying Nut sells in the tens and hundreds of thousands. But for rock gods, Crying Nut remains remarkably down-to-earth.”
- Rock Without Tears (Korea JoongAng Ilbo 3/27/2002)

“Punk’s beginning in Korea wasn’t long ago, maybe around 1994 when Drug opened in the club district next to Hongik University. Early on, Korean punk had the will, but often lacked the way. High-energy acts like Crying Nut...planted the seeds [and] drove the Drug record label onto TV, onto the charts, and into the mainstream.”
- Punks in Korea (Theme Magazine : Spring 2005)

“The album [OK 목장의 젖소 Milk Cattle at the OK Corral] is everything you can expect from Crying Nut: loud, infectious rock tunes, rowdy lyrics, and manic energy. Their riotous grassroots folk punk - complete with accordion! - has grown a lot more polished and inventive with this album. The instruments and vocals all have their own places, and there are more snazzy arrangements and less of the chaotic noise of previous albums. If the boys have matured in implementation, they are thankfully still as immature and joyfully raucous as ever in presentation.”
- YumCha! Editor’s Pick ( 11/17/2006)

“[Crying Nut] The current torch-bearer for Korean punk rock. Single-handedly revived both Korean rock and the indie band scene out of the dead zone between 1996 and 2000. Excellent adaptation of the punk rock spirit to Korean atmosphere to create a carefree, passionate and sometimes melancholy body of music. AWESOME live performers, never studio. Best songs combine mindless screaming, utter frivolity and unexpected sentimentality, like this one.”
- Circus Magic Traveling Troupe (AAK! Music 2/10/2010)

“Crying Nut brought Korean punk rock to the forefront at the Big Top Stage, with their fast-paced tunes and edgy lyrics. The group hopped around the stage throughout the 80-minute set, at one point even donning long mullet-style wigs and having fun with the crowd.”
- Pentaport Rocks Again in the Rain (Korea Times 7/27/2009)